A JAMAICAN http://sildenafilsexyfeelingtabletsnamesgeneric.accountant rx FOOD EXPERIENCE

Start the day with a delicious “Jamerican” breakfast



Lunches are a reflection of the chef’s creativity

Try the jerked chicken wrap with mango salsa or the mouthwatering blackened whitefish. Want a respite from Jamaican food? Try the burgers & fries in Uncle Sam’s Grill.

The catch of the day for dinner

P1040884Escovitched fish with bammy is one of our popular Jamaican food offerings. But chef may prepare one of her specials: seafood chowder garnished with Chinese thyme followed by pineapple coleslaw on a bed of lettuce with a vinaigrette dressing. Or perhaps, coconut crusted chicken served with garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed cho-cho and carrots. You won’t want to miss your ice cream sundae desert.

Got a dietary restriction?

Vegetarian dishes are the natural base for Jamaican food so vegan and dietary restrictions are not a problem for our chef. Just let us know we will be sure to accommodate you!