Destination Weddings Made Simple – Elopements as romantic as it gets!

  • December 23, 2016
  • Maxine Salabie
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You have waited so long for this moment and then it happens! Your dream of getting married has just turned real; he popped the question!!! The excitement kicks in and you just have to share this great news with the rest of the world!!!

Reality, seeps in, and suddenly this is no longer about you and your vision for a romantic wedding. Pleasing everyone takes precedence, the cousins, the grand aunts, the bridesmaids and the list goes on and on. Suddenly you are left wondering why is your special moment, of getting married to the one you love, seeming to be getting further and further away from your grasp.
It’s time to take control!! Why not elope?

Running off to make it official, on a tropical isle in the Caribbean, has hit the top marks for romance! The focus will be on you and what’s important to you. You can literally walk off into the sunset with your Prince Charming!

Of course the Negative Nancy will be saying:
Oh you can’t do that.
What about your family?
What about the folks who wanted to be at your wedding?
How will this look to everyone, you running away to get married?



The truth be told, yes, you can do that, you are an adult!
Second, who says that your parents, very close friends and family members are not invited to this exclusive event? For the guests who wanted to share this special moment with you, they still can!!! When you get back home, how about hosting a reception with a video / slide show of your wonderful romantic time in the Caribbean. And that takes us to answer the last question, you my dear will be the ENVY of everyone!!!!

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