A Destination Wedding – Why Not?!!

  • December 10, 2016
  • Maxine Salabie
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There is a new wedding trend and you have guessed it, destination weddings! A popular choice for a new generation of brides!!
An independent survey of a 100 brides in the Chicago area, showed that the top 2 reasons for  ‘traditional stay at home weddings’ are Family Traditions and having friends & family in attendance.
The benefits of having a Destination Wedding  are so much greater, when compared to these reasons!


  1. Let’s start with Tradition, be a trend setter! You have the grand opportunity to have your name cemented in the family’s history, as the one who was daring enough to ditch a century’s old tradition and start a new fun way, of having an exciting wedding celebration! Your descendants will thank you!!
  2.  Family & friends can be a part of this fun filled adventure! It is most likely that most of your friends and family will need to travel from another part of the country to be at your wedding, so how about a rendezvous at an exotic location? Family squabbles are less likely in this relaxed atmosphere. This is a great time for re – bonding with fun filled family activities. The mood will be idyllic, easing away tensions and setting the pace for laid back celebrations. Another huge plus, is that your guests will thank you for this well needed vacation!
  3.  A destination wedding costs less than a traditional at home wedding. According to costofwedding.com, the average cost of weddings in the US is $26,645, while money.cnn.com quoted the average cost as $32,641. Reception Venues takes a huge chunk of the budget with costs rounding up as high as $12,000.
  4. The cost for a Destination wedding cost can range as low as $5,000 and can go as high as you like. With a destination wedding, the options are endless!
  5.  Planning your destination wedding is very easy. Most resorts , such as Coral Cove in Little Bay, Jamaica, will provide you with your personal wedding planner, who will ensure that all is in place for your wedding. Emails, web conferences and phone calls  will be primary  means of communication. Photos are very helpful, so be sure to include them in your communication exchanges!
  6. There is no doubt that you will have the finest décor at your wedding. Most likely, you will choose a wedding location on the beach, or on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, or even in a beautiful tropical garden. Whatever your choice, there is no competing with Mother Nature’s finest backdrop!

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