Choosing the Right Location for your Destination Wedding

  • December 10, 2016
  • Maxine Salabie
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There are so many offerings for a destination wedding, so many choices! The simple act of choosing can become such an overwhelming experience!!  Don’t despair, help is here!!! Tune out the noise of the market and listen to the desires of your heart! Close your eyes and paint a picture of your wedding day in your mind, be sure to make notes of any details or special inclusions that you would like, then begin your search.


A great way to start is to have a general idea of the services offered by each property type.  Large properties usually offer standardize ‘cookie cutter’ packages while smaller properties are more flexible and offer a more customized experience.


If you wish to be the bride of the day or even bride of the week, then large properties would not be for you, as these properties host more than one weddings per day. Truth be told, in peak wedding season, there is usually a wedding scheduled for every hour!

Because of their unique services, most small boutique properties will host only one wedding per day. This way, they can dedicate their resources to creating your dream wedding.


Large resorts usually offer incentives such as free weddings or cheap wedding packages, again you want to be sure of what is included. The standard wedding package usually takes care of the wedding ceremony details and includes a cake and champagne reception.

The reception dinner usually follows  in one of the restaurants  on property. If the couple would like a more personalize wedding reception, then there are added costs and charges. What had seemed like a great deal in the beginning, is suddenly costing more than you had anticipated!


As far as customization goes, large properties, do not allow outside vendors and your options are limited to what the property is offering. Most small boutique properties on the other hand, allow couples the option to bring in their vendors of choice.


Smaller properties such as Coral Cove Beach Resort in Little Bay, Jamaica, consider the reception to be a huge part of the wedding celebrations! The reception dinner is set in a location of your choice, whether on the beach, under the stars or in an ocean side gazebo. The celebration continues with a smashing reception party on the beach with a blazing bon fire and later the lofting of wish lanterns over the ocean!!


For more information on Coral Cove’s wedding receptions, you can visit them @


Now that you are armed with information and have a general idea of what to look for, here are some questions to ask before signing off on wedding package:


  1. What is included in the wedding package?
  2. Is there a set time for my wedding or can I choose?
  3. What is included in the reception?
  4. Is there an added cost for hosting my wedding reception?
  5. Is there a time restriction on the wedding celebrations?
  6. Is my wedding the only one scheduled for that day?
  7. Can I customize my package?
  8. Can I use outside vendors?
  9. If my some of wedding guests decide to stay at another property, can they still attend my wedding? If so, what is the cost associated?


When choosing a location for your destination wedding, you want to make sure you go with your heart’s desires, after all your wedding should reflect your wishes, creating the pathway to your happily ever after.

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