Giving Back to Our Local Community

Coral Cove Children’s Foundation of Little Bay and Brighton

Coral Cove is located between two wonderful fishing communities which are Little Bay and Brighton. Both communities have had a significant impact in our ability to establish our business and without their acceptance and support it wouldn’t have been possible. More importantly, this foundation was really born out of the generosity of past guests. Guests, having stayed at Coral Cove, and having been touched by the community, began to request ways to help out individuals, children, and anyone that so touched them in a way that they felt a desire to assist them. We began collecting items (sent to our address in the U.S. and carried down to Jamaica) and eventually we began to distribute clothes, shoes, books, and school supplies. Management recognized this growing desire to help and decided that a kids drinking at the water fountain plan of action was required in order to better facilitate the generosity of our past guests and friends of Coral Cove to assist them in their needs to deliver resources to the community.With regard to these facts, we felt the best way to do this was to establish a foundation that recognized the most important needs of the community and expressed those requests to the family of Coral Cove which included guests, staff members, and the community as a whole. More importantly, we felt the greatest amount of attention should be focused on the children of both communities, and feel that the future of Jamaica lies in the school children.

Giving-Back-collage-newPotential Project

We want to start out our newly chartered organization with a project that would leave a lasting effect on the community as well as encourage more involvement in future projects. One the biggest concerns voiced to us was that the school children in Little Bay were still be relegated to using unsanitary pit latrines at the grade school and that there was only one working bathroom which wasn’t readily available to the school children. Charitable benefits had been raised in the past, but the involvement and proceeds were not enough to facilitate the project. The foundation wishes to raise funds to build a boys and girls restroom. If you would like more information please email or contact us.

Annual Christmas Party

Over the past three years we have held a Christmas party for the local children that included games with prizes, ice cream, candy, and toys. We have also provided some coloring books, crayons, and small school supplies for the young children. If you are interested in supporting this Christmas party please contact us. If you would like to receive information about the Coral Cove Children’s foundation of Little Bay and Brighton and possible ways to donate please email us at You can also sign up for our e- newsletter where we will provide updates on projects started or services and resources provided through the foundation. We look forward to your support in the coming years!

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