Experience the ultimate family vacation

REUNIONSCoral Cove is a perfect place for the ultimate family bonding experience. A place for families looking to spend time together in a beautiful, comfortable, secluded, private, intimate setting. No crowds, spring breakers or all night dance clubs here!

Activities for children of all ages

Our affordable, all-inclusive amenities; lush, natural ocean front setting; friendly staff; exquisite Jamaican cuisine; and, many activities will keep everyone engaged and happy. You can spend the day in the ocean deep sea fishing, kayaking or snorkeling; lie lazily on a hammock with a good book; play volleyball on the beach; go horseback riding, biking or hiking or use one of our exhilarating adventure tours to experience a little of our corner of Jamaica.

Let’s plan your next family reunion

Attending family reunions is fun; planning them is a different story. It’s stressful enough finding a date that works, let alone making sure that the destination can accommodate everyone’s needs. But at Coral Cove, we make it easy. Simply choose a date and we’ll take it from there – whether it’s just you and the kids or a large family reunion involving the entire clan.

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