The very best of authentic Jamaican cuisine

Like its people and culture, Jamaican cuisine incorporates influences from Africa, Europe, China and India. With an emphasis on fish, beans and vegetables, Jamaican cuisine is among the healthiest in the world. Good food and good health are synonymous here!

A special treat for the adventurous diner

cuisineAs in every Jamaican home, allspice, garlic, ginger and scotch bonnet peppers are staples in our kitchen. Dining at Coral Cove is an epicurean’s delight – especially for guests with a sense of adventure and an eagerness to embrace the glorious pleasures of Jamaican cuisine.

Fresh, locally sourced ingredients

Our chef sources fruits and vegetables from local farmers and receives a daily bounty of fish, crab and lobster from the fishermen in our village.

Many picturesque places to enjoy our Jamaica cuisine

kitchen-magicianBreakfast, lunch and dinner are usually served at the Coral Cove Restaurant or Uncle Sam’s Grill. But there are many other picturesque places to dine. We have an open air dining area at the top of the cove that is a great location for families, friends and large groups. There also the Crownstone Room on the Cliff as well as many other locations along the beach and the cliffs for romantic private dinners.

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