Stop reading and just book it. seriously

I’m going to be honest…. I’ve been back for two days and I’ve started a budget for our next trip to Coral Cove. I can’t stop looking at the calendar and my pictures. It’s been a real struggle, y’all. When you go, you’ll understand. I promise. Let me tell you why…. Literally from the second we were picked up at the airport until the second we were dropped off, my husband and I have never been treated so well and with such care. I have never stayed anywhere that, upon arrival, the entire staff comes to introduce themselves personally. Every single need, want, or whim was catered to by the staff. The room was well appointed, comfortable, and I miss the sound of the ocean as I sleep. The outdoor shower is amazing. It was like Donald or Yang could sense, no matter where I was on property, that I needed a beverage and was there to provide me with whatever I might want. The grounds are immaculate, kept that way by a super sweet man named Bunny. The food? Oh the food….. Ms. Elaine and Keisha make the best food that has ever passed my lips. Not joking a little bit. Here’s the thing – this isn’t a mega resort. It doesn’t try to be. There aren’t 7 pools, body shots, or a kids club. It’s remote. It’s small. You can come and do absolutely, divinely, nothing – or the staff at Coral Cove will move heaven and earth to arrange anything you want to do. You can leave feeling there is no staff at Coral Cove, only new friends you can’t wait to visit again. Just go and you’ll see….

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Asheville, North Carolina
Visited on 20150115