Coral Cove Wedding Policies

Requirements for a Coral Cove Tropical Wedding

  • Contact the Coral Cove wedding team to confirm availability for your arrival, departure and wedding dates.
  • A 25% deposit is required to secure your reservations. Once your dates are confirmed send us the required deposit so we can take the next step to planning your Coral CoveTropical Wedding.
  • Once your deposit has been paid, our wedding planner will be in dialogue with you via phone and Email so we may get all the wedding details and begin making arrangements with the wedding vendors.
  • Coral Cove Resort has put together specially designed All Inclusive Accommodation Packages for all members of the wedding party. ALL Wedding guests are therefore required to book Coral Cove All Inclusive Accommodations Packages. A 25% deposit is required to book all accommodation packages.

Couples will be required to send us Certified copies of

  • Birth Certificates
  • Passports or Driver’s License
  • Death Certificate (applicable if either bride or groom is widowed)
  • Proof of Divorce (applicable if either the bride or groom has been married before)
  • Legal Name Change Document (applicable if there has been any legal name change for either the bride or groom)

Wedding Cancellation Policy

Your Tropical Wedding Package is made up of two (2) parts

  • The Tropical Wedding
  • Your All Inclusive Accommodation

You may cancel your wedding at anytime. Should this happen there will be a $100 administrative fee in addition to the room cancellation fees of $200 as stated in Coral Cove Resort Cancellation Agreement.

Should the wedding be cancelled, the marriage license is still valid for up to 3 months after the original wedding date so long as the marriage is still performed by the marriage officer who had originally applied for your marriage license.

In case of cancellation after payment of balances on additional wedding items, the balance on additional wedding elements (entertainment, additional flowers, photography, etc…) will be 50% refundable. We strongly encourage you to have all wedding plans finalized 30 days prior to arrival.

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